eCommerce Case Study: How Marveta Helped to Generate 27X Revenue from Social Media Marketing

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The eCommerce industry is fuming today, with more than 12 million eCommerce websites worldwide. Alone in India, 19,000+ eCommerce stores are ruling the market. So, in this cutthroat competition, it is not easy for a new digital store to find its footing, let alone generate significant revenue. 

But, we have made it possible for our eCommerce client. A new eCommerce brand knocked at our doors for better market reach and higher revenue. After analyzing the business model, we devised a social media marketing plan to achieve their goals.

We have delivered 27X revenue growth, 6X sales growth, and 80k+ average monthly traffic using paid and organic social media marketing methods for a year.

Sounds miraculous?

Well, it is not magic or a miracle. It is a simple strategic marketing approach and growth mindset. So let’s explore our e-commerce case study to understand better how we achieved 27X revenue growth in the competitive eCommerce sector with social media marketing.

About Client: Devatithi

Devatithi is a traditional Indian wear brand that deals in exclusive Indian sarees like Banarasi, Kanjivaram, Patola, and others. Between the pandemic chaos in 2020, young entrepreneurs launched this brand intending to take it global and promote Indian culture wear among the young generation.

eCommerce Case Study: The Challenge

The Devatithi team approached us with a classic client requirement. They wanted to connect with their potential customers and increase their sales and revenue, but they wanted quick results.

Now, it was a challenge for our team to create a market space for a new Indian ethnic wear brand among all the popular and well-established brands like Biba, Rangriti, Lakshita, and others. 

Devathithi had a strong entrepreneurial sense and business model. But they lack digital marketing sense. They had no idea how digital space works, and buyers think online. 

So, the two biggest challenges with Devathithi were limited digital reach and intense competition. 

Fortunately, at Marveta, we are well-versed in handling these challenges. So, we accepted all the challenges and onboarded Devatithi.

eCommerce Case Study: How Did We Help Devatithi?

After the first consultation meeting with a client, we got a fair idea about what we had to do to achieve Devatithi’s marketing goals.

But, like a true marketing team, we always prefer to do some research before coming to a decision. So, our team did some groundwork and researched the Indian ethnic wear market space.

After all the search, we came up with a simple and effective marketing plan for our client. We suggested that Devatithi use social media marketing and paid digital promotions to create brand awareness and generate significant revenue and sales.

So, after getting the client onboard with our ideas, we created a marketing plan for Devatithi as follows:

Social Media Marketing

Indian ethnic wear market space is huge. However, it is not easy to build brand awareness in the busy space of global brands and local traditional labels. 

But, we know that social media marketing is the best way to generate traffic and build brand awareness. On average, eCommerce companies that use social media marketing generate 30% more sales.

So, we first created a buyer persona and wrapped social content creation and other marketing strategies around it. 

To attract, engage and retain potential buyers, we used:

  • Relevant content 
  • Consistent posting
  • Attractive visuals
  • Contests
  • Quizzes
  • Special discount deals, etc.

Paid Advertisements and Promotions

The client wanted to generate sales and revenue instantly. As we all know, organic social media efforts take at least 4-6 months to deliver results. 

So, we decided to give double-engine power to our social media marketing plan with paid advertisements and promotions. Using the same buyer persona, we launched Facebook ads and lucrative promotions.

This helps us to generate stable and relevant traffic to our client’s website. With paid advertisements and regular social media efforts, we were able to offer instant revenue and sales growth to the client.

The Results

The powerful combination of social media and paid advertisements worked like a wonder for this client. We have seen amazing results within a short span of a year after taking over Devatithi’s marketing. 

Here are some essential result metrics:

27X Revenue Growth and 6X Sales Growth

In the initial days, Devatithi was making around Rs.6000 per month. It is not a significant revenue amount for a leading eCommerce brand to survive for a longer time. 

So, we aligned our social media marketing plan with revenue and sales growth strategies. And, within the year, we have been able to grow their revenue by 27X and sales by 6X

As of December 2021, Devatithi’s revenue was Rs. 162,000 per month.

80K+ Average Monthly Traffic

We not only helped Devatithi with revenue and sales. We have also been able to increase their organic monthly traffic rate. 

The buyer’s personal strategy hit the bull’s eye. It helped Devatithi reach the right audience base that wanted to purchase their products.

As a result, Devatithi now has 15% of return customers, which is rare for new online brands. 

Moreover, we also helped our client achieve:

  • 2X growth in conversions
  • 15X growth in sessions 
  • 2X growth in average order value

eCommerce Case Study: Do You Also Want 27X Revenue and 6X Sales Growth in a Year?

Whether you have a new eCommerce website or any other digital avenue business, we can help you boost your revenue and sales in no time. We can also build a complete digital brand for your business to target the global marketplace. 

Contact the Marveta team and grow your business today.

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