7 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Sumeet Anand

Sumeet Anand

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Many people think video marketing is only for the big fish (or brands) of the market, but that’s not true at all.

Whether you’re an influencer or a local business, you can always benefit from video marketing to build your brand.

You might be wondering, “Why should I use videos as a marketing tool?”

Here’s an interesting fact!

As per reports, in 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming.

Source: Oberlo

In a nutshell, if you don’t opt for video marketing now, you’ll end up on the losing side in the future.

In this article, we will discuss some of the key benefits of video marketing that can help you grow your brand locally and globally.

Introduction to Video Marketing

Video marketing uses videos as your marketing strategy that has the ultimate goal of educating your customers about your service or product to make a purchase.

As per HubSpot research, more than 50% of people want to see the video content from the brands they love.


Source: HubSpot

Even video content tends to increase your sales as 80% of marketers agreed that videos have directly helped increase sales.

Types of Video Marketing

Before we move ahead with the benefits of video marketing, we will see some different types of videos you can use as a small business owner.

1. Educational Videos

Educational videos mainly teach your audience something new in your niche.

This type of video helps build trust between you and your audience as you’re representing yourself as an industry expert.

2. Explainer Videos

An explainer video focuses on how the specific product or service provides a solution to the audience. It may include the breakdown of every feature and benefit of your product or service.

Explainer videos are useful to address specific issues that might be encountered by your audience while using the product.

3. Product Launch Video

Product launch videos are generally released to create hype among people. Before your launch event, you can release teaser videos of your product’s features or benefits to excite people as you are.

Launch videos can be live (like the Apple event for iPhones, MacBook, etc.) or prerecorded.

4. Training Video

Training videos are also known as tutorial videos; they basically educate the customer on using the product they purchased or willing to.

You don’t have to create these videos with the original products necessarily; instead, you can use animated videos. You need to incorporate a voice-over sound to deliver your message effectively.

5. Customer Testimonial Video

Customers’ testimonials impact on the audience is more significant than anything else. Even the testimonials help people to move from the consideration stage to the purchase stage.

Suppose a person is researching a product from you and your competitor, and you’ve got a testimonial from your existing customer. Then, the person is more likely to purchase your product.

7 Key Advantages of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

The time is gone when video marketing has more drawbacks than advantages for small businesses. Nowadays, video content is affordable and more comfortable to promote, even for startups and independent small companies.

Let’s glance at some of the benefits of video marketing.

1. Increase Visibility For Existing Business

If you already own a business, with video marketing, you can be visible to thousands or even millions of potential customers worldwide.

Suppose you’re the owner of a restaurant in California.

Now some new residents in California came to live nearby. But, they don’t know any of the good restaurants in the locality.

How would they know about you?

If you’re using video marketing on social media, they won’t have to search for nearby restaurants; instead, they’ll end coming to your outlet.

2. Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Either you choose Facebook or any other social media platform for your brand online presence, you’ll witness people consume more video content than image posts.

Facebook generates a staggering 8 billion video views per day worldwide, and it’s growing day-by-day.

You can create various types of videos, including educational, testimonials, FAQ, etc., to engage with your audience.

For example, Adobe Analytics released the product tour video where they showed how you can analyze thousands of data within a matter of a few minutes using their product.


Source: Youtube

3. Educate Your Customers

Products and services can be complicated and confusing; your customer needs to understand before making an actual buy.

For instance, you’ve got a product with various features, and if you’re going to convey that information in the form of a presentation, then you might end up losing the client.

On the other hand, if you have a video for the same, the customer will find it more engaging and understandable.

If you think people find it challenging to figure out your product or service, create an explainer video.

For example, if you’re a gym owner, you can educate your audience by releasing a video of “How to stop Cardio from killing your muscle gains.”

Source: YouTube
The recommendations discussed in this video explains exactly how to incorporate the right type and amount of cardio into your workouts to get the results you desire.

4. Establish Yourself as a Trusted Brand

Gone are the days when you pitch someone about your product, and they bought it eventually. Nowadays, people only buy something when they have trust in you.

But how would you trigger the audience to trust you?

By producing videos about your vision, mission, and impact, you will create on people’s lives with your product or service.

5. Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

Video Marketing is not just about creating brand awareness, but it significantly leads to an increase in conversion ratio.

According to a study, videos embedded on a site result in an 80% increase in conversion rates.

People tend to share videos more with their colleagues compared to other forms of content. Therefore, there will be an increase in overall reach, engagement, and conversion rate.

6. Better ROI On Your Marketing Spend

Whether it’s online or offline marketing, it’s considered successful if there’s a high ROI.

To increase your marketing ROI, you should embed videos in your email campaign as there’s an increase in click-through rate by 200 to 300 percent compared to emails without videos.

7. Inexpensive to Create

There’s always a concern about the cost of creating high-quality videos, but as a business owner or solopreneur, you don’t need any production house to create high-end videos; instead, you can make it with your smartphone or using social video making tools.


Source: Magisto

We recommend Magisto as it’s an online video editor that helps experts as well as amateurs to create high-end videos. Even the videos are optimized automatically for social media platforms.

Here’s a fun fact!

Customers prefer simple clips over fancy ones where they know about the full information about the product and service.


That’s it!

Now, you know why you should start video marketing for your brand or business.

All this can be confusing at first, but once you start with the process, you’ll be able to get your video marketing running within a few days.

Afterward, you can spend as much time as you need to release new content every day or week.

If you’ve any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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